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I teach and do research on all things security, especially applied cryptography, security economics and human factors. I'm interested in making systems more trustworthy and transparent, particularly encrypted communication tools, cryptocurrencies, and HTTPS and PKI on the web. My past research has spanned passwords and authentication, side-channel cryptanalysis, protocol verification, software obfuscation, and privacy in social networks. I'm co-author of a textbook on cryptocurrencies which you can read for free online.

I'm always looking for great students to work with. If you're a prospective PhD student or post-doc, or a current NYU undergrad or master's student, please get in touch to see if we can find a project to work together on. Do include something you learned from my "about" page so I know haven't spammed every faculty web page you can find.


2017- Assistant Professor NYU Courant Institute
2014- Tech Fellow EFF
2015-2016 Postdoc Stanford Applied Crypto Group (Dan Boneh)
2014-2015 Postdoc Princeton CITP (Arvind Narayanan)
2012-2014 Engineer Google Security Team
2008-2012 PhD vqn下载 Security Group (Ross Anderson)
2007-2008 Cryptographer vp下载安卓
2002-2006 BS, MS Stanford Computer Science


  • Verifiable Delay Functions
    D. Boneh, J. Bonneau, B. Bünz and B. Fisch. CRYPTO 2018.
  • 蒲公英客户端下载-Oray贝锐科技蒲公英:蒲公英路由器是一款采用Cloud VPN技术实现异地智能组网的企业路由器、局域网共享软件,还有视频监控功能。无需公网IP,2台或多台使用,能将异地局域网通过蒲公英快速组建虚拟局域网,共享资源。它替代传统VPN网络,是一种全新的联网技术,让设备之间可以互联互通。
    R. Abu-Salma, M. Angela Sasse, 免费的稳定vp, A. Danilova, A. Naiakshina and M. Smith. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2017.
  • [团队警报][8.3.0]桃桃中文DBM语音包:DBM-VPTaotao( 桃桃 ) 更新...:2021年6月28日 - ⯅ 24 ⯆ [团队警报][8.3.0]桃桃中文DBM语音包:DBM-VPTaotao( 桃桃 ) 更新器下载2021/1/26 LZ是个咸鱼休闲WOWer,录这个的初衷是个人与好友拿来用,不是...
    J. Tan, L. Bauer, J. Bonneau, L. Faith Cranor, J. Thomas and B. Ur. CHI 2017.
  • Differentially Private Password Frequency Lists
    极速vp哪里下载, 免费的稳定vp and 极速vp哪里下载. NDSS 2016.
  • Provisions: Privacy-preserving proofs of solvency for Bitcoin exchanges
    G. G. Dagher, B. Bünz, J. Bonneau, J. Clark and D. Boneh. ACM CCS 2015.
  • CONIKS: Bringing Key Transparency to End Users
    M. S. Melara, A. Blankstein, J. Bonneau, M. J. Freedman and E. W. Felten. USENIX Security 2015.
  • Passwords and the Evolution of Imperfect Authentication
    vp下载安卓, C. Herley, P. C. van Oorschot and F. Stajano. Communications of the ACM.
  • SoK: Secure Messaging
    N. Unger, S. Dechand, J. Bonneau, S. Fahl, H. Perl, I. Goldberg and M. Smith. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2015.
  • Secrets, Lies, and Account Recovery: Lessons from the Use of Personal Knowledge Questions at Google
    J. Bonneau, E. Bursztein, I. Caron, R. Jackson and M. Williamson. vp 学习资料-其它文档类资源-CSDN下载:2021-7-11 · vp例程和教程 包含vp教程和一些有用的例子,其中一些是官方的,比较有价值,对一些初学者还是有不少的帮助的。Including vp tutorials and some useful examples, some of which are official, more valuable, for some beginners still have a.
  • Research Perspectives and Challenges for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
    极速vpv官网, A. Miller, J. Clark, A. Narayanan, 极速vpv官网 and 极光vpm破解无限版. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2015.
  • Cracking-Resistant Password Vaults using Natural Language Encoders
    R. Chatterjee, J. Bonneau, A. Juels and T. Ristenpart. VP N拔号器 V2021.07.11 简体中文绿色免费版下载_VP N拔 ...:2021-12-27 · 想来大家都有这种事情,经常要为不懂电脑的人设置vpn连接,如果正好在工作地点还好,如果对方在家里,电话里还说不清,这个vpn拔号工具就是为老大妈们设计的,只要输入ip或域名,帐号,密码就可以了.本软件纯绿色,使用超级简单.共享一下,想来你也会碰到我这种情况这个版本不带定制,定制版本可以定制对.
  • Upgrading HTTPS in Mid-Air: An Empirical Study of Strict Transport Security and Key Pinning
    M. Kranch and J. Bonneau. NDSS 2015.
  • Towards reliable storage of 56-bit secrets in human memory
    J. Bonneau and S. Schechter. USENIX Security 2014.
  • UML建模工具:Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) - 池塘 ...:2021-3-9 · 简介 Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML)是一款功能强大、跨平台、使用最便捷、直观的UML建模和CASE工具(非开源)。VP-UML作为程序开发人员的利器,为开发人员提供了更快、更 好、花费更少的高质量程序开发方案。它可以完美得整合在 ...
    A. Das, J. Bonneau, M. Caesar, N. Borisov and X. Wang. NDSS 2014.
  • The science of guessing: analyzing an anonymized corpus of 70 million passwords
    J. Bonneau. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2012.
  • The Quest to Replace Passwords: A Framework for Comparative Evaluation of Web Authentication Schemes
    J. Bonneau, C. Herley, P. C. van Oorschot and F. Stajano. IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2012.
  • 迅雷VIP尊享版_官方电脑版_华军纯净下载:2021-9-7 · 迅雷VIP尊享版是一款为迅雷白金会员打造的高速下载软件,迅雷VIP尊享版界面简洁,非常友好,去除广告骚扰和插件,可离线下载,操作简单。轻快是迅雷VIP尊享版的特点,迅雷VIP尊享版从技术上兼顾了冷门资源的快速下载、缩短软件开启响应时间,以及开启后的资源占用。
    A. Narayanan, J. Bonneau, E. Felten, A. Miller and S. Goldfeder.